Math Talent Quest
ANNOUNCEMENT: This website only contains information for the 2012 Math Talent Quest cycle. We are testing a new website, and we are expecting to upload it by next week. Registration for proctors will start on Jan 15th under the new website. Although the procedure for the 2013 cycle is roughly the same, we have made some changes to make the program run smoother (such as the way proctors submit answers). Please be patient. Thank you for your interest.
Welcome to the Official Website of the Math Talent Quest!
Hua Cup  2012 Was a Big Success!
For More News and Images for the 2012 Hua Cup, please go here.
The participation of the Math Talent Quest U.S. Team was published and circulated by many prominent and large media companies in China, including Chinadaily, Chinanews, Xinhuanet, and Sina.
Award Ceremony: Congratulations to Nicky Sun and Akshaj Kadaveru for their First Place Awards!

Front Row (left to right): Angela Deng (Team Member, 7th), Nicholas Sun (Team Member, 6th), Akshaj Kadaveru (Team Member, 6th), Christopher Xu (Team Member, 7th)


Back Row (left to right): Dena Chubbic (Advisor, College Chemistry Professor), Yuxuan Qi (12th, Rancho Bernardo High School, Team Leader), Lynne Floto (Advisor, High School AP Teacher)

The 2012 Math Talent Quest Hua Cup U.S. Team has been made!


Congratulations to the following team members!

 7th graders:


-Angela Deng from Fred J Carnage GT Magnet Middle School, North Carolina


-Christopher Xu from Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Wisconsin
Alternate: Peter Yang from Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Wisconsin


6th graders or below:


-Akshaj Kadaveru from Nysmith School, Virginia


-Nicholas Sun from Kennedy Jr High School, Illinois



Alternate: Srivats Narayanan from Lakewood Middle School, Kansas


Team Leader: Yuxuan Qi, Director of Math Talent Quest

Much Thanks to Aaron Lin, the head of the Online Training Program, and all the training program coaches (see "Staff' on the left bar).

2012 Math Talent Quest Training Program Cutoff Scores:


For 1st-6th Graders: 260


For 7th Graders: 270


For 8th Graders: 290



The 2012 Online Training Program schedule can be found here.The 2012 Online Training Program qualifiers can be found here.


We will be notifying selected students and sending score reports in this upcoming week.

2012 Math Talent Quest Participation Chart

The 2012 Math Talent Quest has been successfully administered!

Proctors: Please remember that you must submit all Student Answer Reporting Forms by April 19th.

What is Math Talent Quest?


Math Talent Quest is an organization ran by high school students that aims to promote enthusiastic exploration of mathematics among young people and to develop problem solving skills that support broad-based learning in mathematics and science.  Our focus is on young students (grades 1 - 8) in the interest of inspiring such beginning students to a path of learning in mathematics that will be productive from an early age.  Our approach is to provide internet-enabled learning activities and to motivate students with opportunities for national-level competition.



The Math Talent Quest Forum can be found by clicking the "AoPS Math Talent Quest Forum"



General Structure of the competition:


The first tier of this year's Math Talent Quest is an internet-based competition on April 17 covering a variety of math topics at a variety of levels.  Awards will be available to students who perform strongly in their local groups.

The second tier will be a period of internet-based learning activities for a select group of students from the first round.  These activities will be oriented toward preparing students for a higher-level competition.

The third tier will be the selection of a small number of students who will represent the United States as the national team at the Hua Luo Geng Golden Cup Math Invitational Competition, held this year in Macau, China, August 13-16.  Math Talent Quest is the only organization authorized to send a US team to this event.

Details regarding proctor and student registration and other information relating to the competitions can be found under the tabs at left.

1. The contest will be held on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012. Please disregard any other date that was previously mentioned. April 17th is the FINALIZED date of the competiiton.
2. Due to the fact that many young students are not used to taking a 1.5 hour test, the contest will be 60 minutes, NOT 90 minutes. Please disregard any previous references about the test being 90 minutes long.
3. To give the younger students an even better experience by taking the test, we have decided to extend the test to 24 problems so that we will stretch the difficulty of the problems throughout the test so that the lower numbered problems are approachable by anyone who takes the test. The higher numbered problems will be more difficult due to the fact that the top scores need to be stretched out so that the top 30 in the nation can be easily chosen to attend the training program from their scores; we don't want a lot of ties occuring at the top level.