Math Talent Quest

Proctors Registration

This is the information page for the registration of proctors. Students who wish to compete officially register with their proctors. Proctors do not need to submit their students' information until after they take the competition. Students who take the test with registered proctors are considered as official participants.


Those who wish to become proctors must meet the following conditions:

  1. Age of 21 or older
  2. A current faculty, official, or volunteer at a school, homeschool, independent learning center, or math circle.
  3. U.S. citizen or legal resident (Note: Students from other countries may participate, but they will not be eligible for prizes or the training program.)
  4. Able to provide a good environment during the testing period for the test takers.
  5. Proctors should not administer the exam to their own children.


What Proctors Need to Do:

  1. Download and print out tests and answer forms on the day of the competition.
  2. Insert their students' answers onto an online answer form.
  3. Be aware that the time limit of the contest is 90 minutes.
  4. Provide a fair testing environment for test takers.


A proctor's handbook will be sent to you as soon as we verify your identification as a proctor. This should occur within 2 days after you register by clicking the link below. If you do not receive the handbook within 2 days, please email us at



Registration is now closed. Please come back later to register for 2012-2013 Math Talent Quest