Math Talent Quest

U.S. Team


Participants of the Math Talent Quest Contest have a chance to be on the US team for 2012 Hua Luo Geng Golden Cup Math Invitational Competition Final Round located at Macau, China, currently the largest elementary and middle school math contest in China and has millions of participants each year, with many countries competing in its "Final Round" for the "Hua Golden Cup." For more information on the contest, please visit "Hua Luo Geng Golden Cup Math Invitational Competition" by clicking it on the side bar.



Note: Although Math Talent Quest includes students from grades 1 - 8, the rules of the Hua Cup limit participants to grades 1 - 7.  This is an instance of a misfit between the US and Chinese school systems and is beyond our control.  At Math Talent Quest, we wish to include eighth graders because US middle schools include the eighth grade.  We will include eighth graders in our selection process up to the selection of the US team, but our eighth grade finalists will not be able to join the traveling team for the competiion in China.



Selection Process:

Though the final taveling team must be small, it is our intent not only to identify a handful of excellent students, but to motivate young students to explore challenging mathematics.  To this end, we are developing a selection process that will help to bring a broadly accessible and possibly novel competitive exercise to younger students wherever they may be in the US. Our selection process will consist of several stages:

    1. Only participants of the Math Talent Quest Contest are eligible for the U.S. Team.
    1. All U.S. team members must be U.S. citizens or legal U.S. residents.
    1. Approximatly 30 of the top students on the Math Talent Quest Contest will be selected to attend a 1-month intense online training program.
    1. 4-5 practice tests will be given out to the attendants of the training program. The scores of these tests will be added to determine a team index for each participant of the training program.
    1. Two 7th graders with the highest team index among 7th graders will be on the U.S. team.
    1. Two students from grades 1-6 will with the highest team index among this group will be on the U.S. team.
    1. One alternate will be selected from each of the above groups.
    2. In making the final selection of the national team, all available information will be considered with appropriate weight and the coaches' decision will be final.

ALL THE OFFSHORE COST OF THE TRAVELING TEAM WILL BE COVERED BY OUR SPONSORS. This includes: Tran-Pacific airfare, local transportation, hotel, registration fee for the Contest, and local travelings.