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First, I would like to give my HUGE THANKS to Aaron Lin and all training program coaches (found on the left bar). MTQ 2012 couldn't have been nearly as successful without them!

Math Talent Quest 2012 U.S. Team Description:

This year's MTQ U.S. Team is composed of Nicholas Sun (6th), Akshaj Kadaveru (6th), Angela Deng (7th), and Christopher Xu (7th), all of whom are USAJMO qualifiers. All of them have gone through the highly challenging Math Talent Quest Online Training Program and eventually stood out from the Team Selection Test. Soon after that, they were devoted to roughly another month of intense training to prepare them for the upcoming Hua Cup competition. All off-shore cost, including airplane tickets, and all local cost at Macau, where the competition is held, for students are covered by Math Talent Quest Organization.

Hua Cup 2012 Description:


The Hua Cup our team went to is the final stage of this year's Hua Cup competition series. The full name of Hua Cup 2012 final stage is 2012 Cross-Strait-Four-Regions Hua LuoGeng Golden Cup Youth Invitational Math Competition (this is held every two years). A total of 72 teams from China, Singapore, and others participated in the 2012 Hua Cup final stage, with 34 teams at the Macau sitea and 38 teams at the HangZhou site. All students on teams from China have gone through a set of highly selective process composed of four rounds of selection tests. Besides Beijing and a few other big cities, all provinces in China are allowed to send only one team (sort of like the Chinese version of our Mathcounts program) to this final round. Hua Cup is the single most prestigious and known math competition for elementary and middle students in China. Winners of Hua Cup usually move on to become CMO (China Math Olympiad) medalist and China IMO team members.     

Performance of the Math Talent Quest U.S. Team at the 2012 Hua Cup:


As you can probably tell from the "Team Description" above, we have a very, very, very strong team! Both sixth graders (Nicholas Sun and Akshaj Kadaveru) earned a First Place Award, which was given to only 11 students at the competition for their division (5th and 6th graders). Both seventh graders (Angela Deng and Christopher Xu) earned still highly respective Third Place Award. In addition, Nicholas Sun won the sole Best Problem Solver Award for 5th and 6th graders division. It is worthy to note that Angela had a fever on the day of the competition, but, with parent permission, she insisted on persisting through the exams, showing her spirit for math; her action was praised by many leaders and professors at the competition. It was a good year, and next will be better!    





Below is a video show of the Hua Cup 2012; Credit goes to Don Sun, Nicky's father!
Below are pictures taken in chronological order, from the most recent to least recent:
Students having fun with Mathcounts countdown practice on the night after awards (slapping the table=buzzing); the kids were fast...
Nicky Sun receiving his "Best Problem Solver" Award.
Akshaj Kadaveru and Nicky Sun receiving their First Place Award.
Christopher Xu receiving his Third Place Award. Angela Deng also received a Third Place Award, but she wasn't able to attend the award dinner due to her illness. It is worthy to note that Angela had a fever on the morning of the competition day, but she persisted on writing the competition. Her spirit was praised by many leaders, coaches, and professors at the contest.
Dinner was great!

Students waiting for the award ceremony and dinner.

Wines! Okay this is acutally in the Grand Prix Museum
Team members having fun at the sight-seeing site: Grand Prix Museum
Students having fun at the black sand beach!
In front of Signt-Seeing site: Ruins of St. Paul's

Competition Classroom: The  U.S. Team and the Singapore Team.

Opening Ceremony on the competition day: all 34 teams in Macau standing in the ceremonial hall at the Macau site, while the other 38 teams at the HangZhou site watches.
Welcoming Dinner by the Hua Cup
Welcoming Dinner by the Hua Cup
Us and one of the Beijing team at Macau Tower outside of its banqueting hall.
Team members practicing the "team round" in hotel room at Macau.
Our resting place before check-in in hotel at Macau.

Lobby of the hotel we stayed in at Macau=)

Lunch on the first day we arrived Macau.

Picture at the lobby of hotel at Hong Kong; Leaving Hong Kong; ready for Macau!

Team members practicing "team round" in hotel room at Hong Kong.